Scanned archives

On this page, you can browse through all scanned archives available from Riksarkivet and other public archives. Oslo town archive, and a number of other archive institutions are also available. Some types of archives have their own access pages - please see below.

Property and registration

Property title register

The old land register (Gammel Grunnbok) is a register of pledge books which runs until 1991 and includes properties that existed at that time. For each property, there is a list of references to associated deeds. References to deeds which were no longer enforceable when the land registry was established in 1936, can be found in the pledge book registers. The property title searches are based on municipalities and property numbers as of January 1st 2020.

Mortgage registry

Pledge book registers are older indexes for the pledge books. These run until 1935, but sometimes longer. For each property, there is a list of references to associated deeds. The property search is a searchable register of pledge-registers, but not all pledge registers are available via this search.

Pledge books until 1951

The pledge books contain registers of deeds, such as property boundaries, rights of access and financial pledges. The pledge registers and "Old Land Register", are indexes of the pledge books.


Parish registry

The "Norway" section contains church books from Norwegian parishes, as well as a number of dissenter congregations. The "Abroad" section contains church books from the Norwegian Seaman's Church, the Norwegian Church in Sweden (during World War II), and a number of churches related to missionaries.


Here you will find state census and population data for the period 1664-1920, as well as a number of council and local censuses. The 1920 census will be freely available from 1st December 2020.


Court records

Here you will find court records from municipal or village courts (forerunners to the modern-day courts), as well as records from other high-up legal bodies such as the forerunner to todays supreme court.

Probate records

Here you will find public probate materiale, most of which stems from county and municipal court archives. Death registers are available from the end of the 19th century. These are freely available for the period up to, and including 1934.