Marriage register (civil) for Oslo byfogd 1932-1933, Astaref: SAO/A-10220/L/Lb/Lbb/L0022

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Statsarkivet i Oslo Oslo byfogd avd. I L: Notarialforretninger
Lb: Notarialprotokoller
Lbb: Notarialprotokoller, Rekke II: Vigsler
L0022: Notarialprotokoll, rekke II: Vigsler
Marriage register (civil) 12.03.1932 - 25.03.1933 Oslo county
Oslo city jud. dist.
Notarialprotokoll, Rekke II: Vigsler Notary publics Civil marriages Personalia Engagements, banns and marriage State archives Judges and clerks


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