Landssvikarkivet, Oslo politikammer, Dommer, nr. 1247-1249: Dnr. 4399 *****, 1945-1949, Astaref: RA/S-3138-01/D/Da/L1247

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Riksarkivet RA/S-3138-01/D/Da/L1247
Link to Arkivportalen
Link to Arkivportalen
Link to Arkivportalen
Landssvikarkivet, Oslo politikammer D: Saksarkiv ordnet etter organets hovedsystem
Da: Dommer
L1247: Dnr. 4399
Trials of treatury no. 1247-1249 /1945 - 1949 - Oslo politikammer, Dommer, nr. 1247: Dnr. 4399 ***** Court Proceedings Personalia Second world war WWII Treason settlement State archives Scan on demand (NA) The WWII Treason Archive


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